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Mobile Tech Tracker Privacy Policy


This website uses cookies. Cookies are used by websites to preserve various info related to browsing sessions. The main purpose of cookies is to improve the users' experience.

This website does not store any identifiable personal information in the cookies. In fact, the only cookie directly used by this website is created when a user clicks on the button on the cookie consent message, which we are legally obliged to display due to a completely pointless EU GDPR regulations. This cookie is vital, so the message is not displayed in your browser again once you clicked the button. We apologise for diminished experience caused by this message.

The website uses banner adverts and sponsored links provided by reputable partners which may also use cookies. However, we have no knowledge of what cookies their use. If in doubt, cookies can be disabled in your browser's settings. However, this will result in that annoying cookie consent message being constantly displayed.

Personal information

Any user may submit comments without any registration. However, entering email address with the comment is mandatory.

The email is provided purely in order for the author of a comment to be contactable if the comment contains inappropriate content and needs to be deleted. The email address entered is not visible by any of the users. Under no circumstances we would share the email address with any third parties.

Users may chose to enter personally identifiable information in the comments that they post. We are not responsible for the consequences of entering such information. Any comment will be retained on our website, provided that it complies with our usage policy.

Android app permissions

Our Android apps require various sensitive permissions to operate, including access to camera, storage and audio recording equipment. Where requested, these permissions are absolutely necessary for the normal operation of the apps. For example, Mail My Pics app requires access to camera because the intended purpose of the app is to take pictures in batches. Pocket Spy Sound Recorder and Speakerphone Call Recorder require access to microphone, because both of these apps were designed for sound recording.

Although users can generate and save media files by using Mobile Tech Tracker apps, none of the apps collect any of the data. Mail My Pics, Pocet Spy Sound Recorder and Speakerphone Call Recorder have capabilities to send recorded media files to the cloud, include them as email attachments or share them on social media. All of these actions are fully controlled by the user and none of the apps perform any of these actions without explicit consent of the user.

None of the apps made by Mobile Tech Tracker store user-generated data internally. All user-generated data is stored in the file system of the Android device that the apps are installed on. Users have option to permanently delete, move or rename any of the files that have been generated with the help of the apps.

Last updated: 14th of June 2018

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Privacy Policy

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